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Advertising Formats


Being a brand new ad format it has a lot of benefits with great ROI. It keeps affiliates in direct contact with users who have already shown interest in what it is they’re promoting. This translates to high CTRs and therefore conversions.

Real traffic with user's consent

Available for mobile and desktop devices

High conversions and delivery rates


 Banner ads is an image or animation on the web page, use to promote a single product or a brand. It supports a wide range of banner sizes, placement, CPM & CPC.

Compatibility with all devices and browsers

Platform friendly advertising format

Cost Effective, Fast and Easy


Pop-up ads appear when a user hovers a mouse to a certain part of the website or user navigates the page. This user’s action triggers an ad to pop-up.

Low cost traffic

Wallet aggregation

Easy to Set up


Video ad is Popular and trending among all ad format. Its engaging and relevant pre-rolls and in-video ads can blend into the video content for easy monetisation. 

Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

Video Shows Great ROI

Video Builds Trust